Basketball Jokes 2021

If you were searching for new and funny basketball jokes, so you are in a good place. In this article, we are going to show you the best basketball dad jokes. For more funny dad jokes, check this out: Funny Mom Jokes 2021, Funny Kids Jokes 2021, Dirty Dad Jokes 2021.


Basketball Dad Jokes

1- What kind of help do alligators offer?



2- What do you call Oakland Indian food?

Stephen curry.


3- What kind of gate stops you from scoring?



4- What do you call fat Broccoli?

Charles Broccoli.


5- What do you call a bullet wound in a watch?

Shot clock.


6- What’s the best kind of seasoning?

Kyle Lawry.


7- What does a Taxi do at Lonzo’s crib?

Pick up Ball.


8- How do you explain missing practice?

A.I. Really don’t know.


9- What type of cent chooses a more difficult direction?

Penny Hardaway.


10- Mexicans love this team.

Lakers, fool.


11- What happens when the other team uses your spatula?

A Turnover.


12- How did Michael Jackson check on Kevin durant?

KD, are you okay?


13- What place deposits bullets into your savings account?

Bank shot.


14- What do you call an ugly bride?

Dennis Rodman.


15- What kind of game did Shakespeare cancel?

Playoff game.