Christmas Dad Jokes 2021 That can Make You Happy

Christmas Dad Jokes 2021 That can Make You Happy

We all know that Christmas this year will be on 25 Dec, so it’s too close. That’s why we bring you, the best Christmas dad jokes 2021. Enjoy those jokes with your family and friends. You can check our last dad jokes: Catholic Priest Jokes 2021, Best Funny Dad Jokes 2021, Dirty Dad Jokes 2021.


Christmas Dad Jokes 2021


1- Why was Rudolph asked to leave the party?

He was too lit.


2- What is it called when Mrs. Claus wears pants that are too small?

A mistletoe.


3- Why didn’t the gingerbread man leave his house?

He was too baked.


4- Why did Santa get a parking ticket?

Because he parked in a snow parking zone.


5- If a child refuses to take a nap..

 is he resisting a rest?


6- How do you make antifreeze?

You take away her blanket.


7- If you have cheese but no crackers, what are you?



8- Why don’t candle trimmers work from Monday to Friday?

“Cause they only work on wick-ends.”


9- What’s A magician’s favorite dance move?



10- What does Mexican food do at the beach?

They burri-toes in the sand.


11- Why are black people so tall?

Because their knee-grows.


12- What did JA Rule order at KFC?

Those legs, those thighhhhs.


13- How did Anakin know what gifts obi-wan was going to give him?

He felt his presence.


14- What do you call a home full of drug addicts at the 50-yard line?

A halfway house.


15- What’s the first thing Santa’s helpers learn in school?

The elf-abet.


16- What do you call it when a pound of ground beef is asked to save a girl?

Hamburger help-her.


17- If you get cold outside, where’s the warmest place in your house you should go to?

To a corner…they’re usually 90 degrees.


18- What do you call a crack house that sells breast implants?

A booby trap.


19 – What do you get when you mix avocado with a gun?



20- Did you know that Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are not really married?

‘Cause, you can’t turn ho-ho-ho a housewife.


21- Why was the limestone upset?

It was taken for granite.


22- What do you say when Sanat Claus takes attendance in school?



23- What’s will Smith’s favorite thing about Misti Etoe?