Dark Dad Jokes 2021 That Can Make You Laugh Out Loud

Are you looking for new dad jokes? Here we’re going to show you the best dark dad jokes 2021 that can make you laugh out loud. You can enjoy reading those dad jokes with your friend. To get more funny dad jokes, check this out: Dirty Dad Jokes 2021, Top Dad Jokes, Seriously Funny Jokes.


Dark dad jokes 2021

1- Why can’t you stop a legless dog?

Because he has no pause.


2- Why does a mermaid wear seashells?

Because she outgrew her b shells.


3- Who’s the best singing fish in all of the sea?

Johnny gills.


4- What do you call Batman when he skips church?

Christian bale.


5- Why didn’t Patty like to play in the sun?

Because patty melts.


6- Why isn’t there a pregnant Barbie doll?

Ken came in a different box.


7 -Did you hear about the jump rope Elon Musk designed for big people?

It’s groundbreaking.


8- DMX just tested positive with covid and said he’s going to spread it towards everybody.

As he told us before, X gon gives it to ya.


9- Did you hear about the sexually fluid buffalo that came out to his father?

He was A bi-son.


10 What did the “O” say to the “Q”?

Your dick is out.


11- What do you call two weaves that get together?

It’s a track meet.


12- What goes in hard and dry but comes out soft and wet?



13- Did you hear about the little guy who won the surf competition?

He did it all on microwaves.


14- Who is Thomas the tank engine’s favorite rapper?



15- Where would one go to invest in soup?

The stock market.


16- What do you call a teacher that touches his students?

A PDF file.