Dumb Dad Jokes 2021 That Are Really Funny

New collection of 18 dumb dad jokes, that can make you laugh until fall down. So you have to read those funny dad jokes and tell us on comment, how much that was funny. Enjoy reading.

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Dumb Dad Jokes 2021

1- What do you call an ant that’s been shunned by his community?

Socially Dist-ant.


2- What didn’t I laugh at the cashier’s joke?

It didn’t register with me.


3- What did the dancing ice cream maker say to the customer?

You got served.


4- What was buzz lightyear’s favorite car and food company?

Infiniti and beyond meat.


5- What did one hat say to another hat?

You stay here, I’ll go on a-head.


6- What’s an alligator’s favorite drink?



7- What has two butts and kills people?

An ass-ass-in.


8- What do you call a father that walks upstairs?

A step dad.


9- What do you call a crying sister?

A cay-sis.


10- What’s a T-rex’s favorite way to invest?

For Rex.


11- What did the 19 year old co-ed name is video site?



12- What do you call a skinny equinox?

A slim-GYM.


13- What’s a dinosaur’s least favorite cleaning supply?



14- What Transformer is made out of cardboard and shows up in two days?

Amazing Prime.


15- What was the name of drake’s key company?

Fob’s plan.


16- What do Gynecologist’s and deaf people have in common?

They both read lips.


17- Why can’t I ever find time to do Yoga?

Cause my schedule is not flexible.


18- What do you call a rug on a leash?

A car-pet.


19- What do you call a middle-aged man on some stairs?

Step Daddy.


20- You know Google has a brand new car?

It has a search engine.


21- What’s a  crackhead’s favorite song?

I wanna rock right now.


22- Why did superman have to meet with blood in the morning?

Cuz he had to meet a crip tonight.


23- What’s a preacher’s favorite breakfast?

Fred Hammond cheese.


24- Why do all breakfast foods hate eggs?

Because eggs been a dick.


25- What kind of bread bakes in the bathroom?

Shower dough.


26- How much Moet is in the mighty jungle?

A wee Moet, a wee Moet.


27- What did one casket say to the other casket?

Is that you, coffin?


28- What is Terrence Howard’s favorite comic book character?

Super Mayne.


29- Why did the key get thrown out of the party?

Because he was trying to start some shit.


30-  What is Terrence Howard’s favorite lettuce?



31- What is ICE T’s gay son’s name?

Sweet T.


32- What is Terrence Howard’s favorite 1980s cartoon?



33- What is Terrence Howard’s favorite part of the lion?

The Mayne.


34- What is Terrence Howard’s favorite street?

Mayne street.