Funniest Dad Jokes Of All Time 2021

Are you looking for the funniest dad jokes of all time? Here are the funniest 16 dad jokes. I’m sure you gonna be happy with your family and friends while you are reading those jokes. For more dad jokes, check this out: Worst Dad Jokes Of All Time, Greatest Dad Joke Of All Time, Trap Jokes 2021.


Funniest Dad Jokes Of All Time

1- If chance the rapper gained weight what would we call him?

Chance the snacker.


2- I hurt myself when I was hanging out with Mickey Mouse. Do you know where I hurt myself?



3- What do bloods eat when they get sick?

Chicken noodle suwoop!


4- If you’re American in your living room, what are you in your bathroom?



5- What do you call security guards, working at the Samsungsamesung store?

Guardians of the Galaxy.


6- What kind of car did the iPhone buy?

A charoer.


7- What’s the difference between a guitar and a fish?

You can’t tune a fish.


8- Who is Tom Hank’s favorite football player?

Russel Wilson.


9- Why was the student’s report card wet?

Because it was below c level.


10- What actor is also good at baseball?

Donald Glover.


11- What do you call cheese I hat does not belong to you?

Not Cho cheese.


12- What did one plate say to another?

“Dinner’s on me!”


13- Why did the picture go to prison?

Because it was framed!


14- Why did Quavo grab his umbrella?



15- What did the strawberry say when its song game on?

“That’s my Jam”


16- You wanna hear a joke about paper?

Never mind it’s tearable.