Funny Dad Jokes 2022 That Will Have The Whole Family

Funny Dad Jokes 2022 That Will Have The Whole Family

Are you looking for a new dad jokes? You’re in a good place because we are going to talk about funny dad jokes 2022 that will have the whole family.


Probably you will laugh lady while you are reading those jokes alone or with your family. Have a good time my friend, and don’t forget to check our last dad jokes: New Dirty Jokes You’ve Never Heard.


Funny Dad Jokes 2022

1- My best friend David lost his ID..

Now he’s just Dav.


2- What type of fish doesn’t want to be invited to no more parties?

A col fish Leray.


3- I only know 25 letters of the alphabet…


I don’t know Y.


4- What rapper failed history class?



5- What’s a gangster’s least favorite food?



6- What do you call a DJ who smells bad when working out?

Funk master flex.


7- What do you call a crime committed by a fruit?

A Strobbery.


8- Why did the fried fish end up in the Hospital?

It was beer battered.


9- Why did the test get arrested?

It was turned in.


10- What did ICE cube call his new orleans style dessert food truck?

Beignet YAY!


11- How much does Santa pay for parking?

Nothing it’s on the house.


12- Why were the wright brothers denied bail?

They were considered a flight risk.


13- When does a joke become a dad joke?

When it’s a parent.


14- What type of bones do serious dogs hate?

Funny bones.


15- What do gangsters put on their nachos?



16- Where is the only place you can get money that will follow you?