Great Dad Jokes 2021

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Great Dad Jokes 2021

1- What did the Latino male sing when he lost his job?

Living la Vida broke-a.


2- What did the bird collector’s girlfriend get a splinter?

Because he had a woodpecker.


3- Why couldn’t G-unit catch the bus?

They didn’t have 50 cent.


4- What did the 2×4 say to the construction worker?

I’m bored.


5- What do you call a lesbian that’s only attracted to a woman’s fingers when they’re waving farewell?



6- In China, what do they call the ghost of dead hookers?

Hory Spirits.


7- What do you call it when a bag of heroin signs an ecstasy pill to a recording contract?

A drug deal.


8- What do you call a werewolf from the hood?



9- What do you get when the crips and bloods don’t flush the toilet?

A whole lotta gang shit.


10- Usher got a new song coming out with B2k. You know what it’s called?



11- This speed is measured when lethargic sex ends with a finger in your chest?



12- R kelly and bill Cosby are making an album together, you know what it’s called?



13- What do you call a street gang full of dudes shaped like Doboy and Suge knight?



14- What do you call it when that same street gang hates trees?