Halloween Dad Jokes Of 2021

Are you looking for the best Halloween dad jokes of 2021, here we are? These top 10 Halloween jokes can make you laugh loudly with your friends and family. You also can check this out: Horrible Dad Jokes, Dark Dad Jokes 2021.

Halloween Dad Jokes Of 2021



1- Why do rappers like going to jail?

Because they got bars.


2- Who won the skeleton beauty contest?



3- What’s wet and gets even wetter when you take a sip?

Your mouth.


4- Who was the werewolf’s cousins?

What wolf and when wolf.


5- Which bird always gets hurt?

The owwwl.


6- What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms?

 One is a good year, the other is a great year. 


7- How does a penguin put a house together?

Igloos it together.


8- I used to hate facial hair, then it grew on me.


9- Me and my boss, we have a great relationship.

He told me to “have a good day at work” so I went home.


10- Why is diarrhea hereditary?

Cause it runs in your jeans!