The Best Kids Jokes 2021 Part Three

There is a lot of funny situations that happen in the family and the funniest jokes are the ones that happen between the Kids. That is why we are sharing with you the Best Teens Jokes 2021 Part Three.

The Best Kids Jokes 2021 | Part Three

In the Best Kids Jokes 2021 | Part Three, we are going to share with you 5 of the best kids jokes 2020 and they are the funniest jokes for kids ever. This is the third post of the “Best kids Jokes 2020” series that we are going to share with you on this website. So keep your eye on the newest and funniest Kids jokes and get ready to laugh.

The First Best Kids Jokes 2021 Part Three

A kid asked his friend in the school: Are you going to miss me if I didn’t come to the school?

His friend answered: Trust me, No one is going to miss you if you got absent more than the school administration.

The Second Kids Joke

A kid asked his friend: How does your brother make his living? Does he have any regular income?

His friend answered: From writing!

The kid said: What does he write?

His friend said: Every month he writes a letter to my father to send him money.


The Third Kids Joke

A kid came to his mom crying.

The mother said: What happened? Why are you crying?

The kid answered: I was cleaning the canary cage and suddenly it was lost.

His mom asked wondering: What did you use to clean the cage?

The kid answered with cold nerves: I used the vacuum, mom.


The Fourth Kids Joke


A kid told his mom after giving birth:  Mom they deceived you by giving you a child without teeth.


The Fifth Kids Joke

A teacher asked a child:

Why do they say the mother tongue?

The child answered,

Because the father rarely finds his chance to speak.