Top Dad Jokes That Can Make You Laugh Like Crazy

Are you looking for the top dad jokes? Yes, you are in a good place. Because we are going to show you the best dad jokes that can make you laugh like crazy. Enjoy reading with your friends and family.


Top Dad Jokes

1- What did the shark say to the chunky fish?

It’s time to scarf it back.


2- Why was the movie theater’s wife mad at him?

Because he had projectile dysfunction.


3- What does Snoop Dogg call it when his game freezes up?



4- What did the game say to the game system?

Please console me.


5- Why was the soldier in the bathroom?

Because he felt the call of doody.


6- Why couldn’t the computer dance?

He had no Algo rhythm.


7- What did the flip flops say to the tennis shoes?

Quit sneakin’ around!


8- What does a Jewish goat do at thirteen?

Has a Baaahitzvah.


9- How does a pilot take his sandwich?



10- What kind of cereal does luigi eat?



11- What do you call a prisoner who gets released from jail?

A free guy.