Best Dad Jokes 2022 That Are So Funny

In this post we’re going to show you the best dad jokes 2022 that are so funny, So be ready to get fun with your family and friend. Those dad jokes are clean so you can share them with your family. For more dad jokes, check this out: funny dad jokes 2022.


Best Dad Jokes 2022

1- One time my momma whooped me on November 25th.

You know what me and my sister called it?

A spanks-giving.


2- What do fat Turkeys like to listen to on the radio?

Gobble Baby, Gobble Baby , Gobble Baby, Gobble Baby.


3-  What did the angry 2 fingers say to the pepperoni?

I’m about to give you a pizza my mind!


4- How can you tell a male Turkey from a female Turkey?

It’s the dressing.


5- Why did the Turkey cross the road?

To escape colonialism.


6- What do you call the oldest instrument in the church?

Organ freeman.


7- What did the Ham say to the Burger?



8- What do fat computers eat?



9- What are the three things that delta airlines does not have?

The spirit of the united frontier!


10- Where does a young rooster like to take teenage chickens for dates in high school?