The Best Teens Jokes 2021 Part Three


There is a lot of funny situations that happen in the family and the funniest jokes are the ones that happen between the Teens. That is why we are sharing with you the Best Teens Jokes 2021 Part Three.

Best Teens Jokes 2021 | Part Three

Today we are going to share with you 5 of the best teens jokes 2020 part three and they are the funniest teens jokes ever. This is the third post of the “Best teens Jokes 2020” series that we are going to share with you on this website. So keep your eye on the newest and funniest Teens jokes and get ready to laugh.

The First Best Teens Jokes 2021 Part Three

A girl teen asked her boyfriend one day, She said: Did you try love??

Her Friend answered: No, I did not try clove, but I did try cardamom with tea.

Since that time the teen girl never talked to him.

Best Teens Jokes 2021

The Second Teens Joke

A dumb teen had ten thousand dollars and he forgot where he hid it.

He went to the police department and told them: I hid my money in a place and forgot where I put it.

The police asked him: ok how can we help you?

He said: Investigate with me and torture me till I tell you where I have hidden it.


Best Teens Jokes 2021

The Third Teens Joke

A dad asked his teen son: How do you solve your problems?

His teen son answered: I don’t really solve them. Thank God! My problems have grown up and started depending on their selfies.


Best Teens Jokes 2021

The Fourth Teens Joke

Teen girls do thousands of plastic surgeries and do a lot of make-up, and when they get a brown baby. They wonder where it comes from!!!.

Check out the old version girl LOL!


Best Teens Jokes 2021

The Fifth Teens Joke

A teen girl asked her boyfriend: can you give me evidence that you love me?

Her boyfriend answered: Every time I kiss a girl, I kiss her like if it was you.


Best Teens Jokes 2021


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