Football Dad Jokes 2021

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Here is the new 14 Football Dad Jokes collection. The collection contains the best dad jokes that can make you laugh loud while you are reading this with your family and friends.

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Football Dad Jokes

1- What’s the lord of the rings favorite football team?

The Philadelphia Smeagols.

Football Jokes 2021

2- Which NFL team is great for cell phone companies?

The L.A. Chargers.

Football Jokes 2021

3- What did the quarterback eat when he was hungry?

A Roethlisberger.

Football Jokes 2021

4- What do you call a cow that jumps offsides?

Beef Jerky.

Football Jokes 2021

5- Why did the quarterback play with the GPS on his arm?

So he could locate his receiver.

Football Jokes 2021

6- If Cam Newton was a cookie what would he be?

Fig newton.

Football Jokes 2021

7- What do you call a Cleveland brown player with a Superbowl ring?

A thief.

Football Jokes 2021

8- Why did the kick-off returners career fizzle out?

He couldn’t get his touchback.

Football Jokes 2021

9- Why did Stevie Wonder think he could be an offensive lineman?

He figured he could quart.

Football Jokes 2021

10- Why are NFL kicker’s also great debaters?

They always make the extra point.

Football Jokes 2021

Football Jokes for dads

Football jokes for dads are a classic form of humor that have been around for generations. These jokes range from puns and one-liners to more elaborate comedic setups, all centered around the beloved sport of football. They provide a lighthearted way for dads to bond with their kids and share in their love for the game.

Football jokes for dads are also a great way to break the ice with other dads at the game or in social situations. No matter your level of football knowledge or your sense of humor, there’s a football joke out there for everyone.

11- Why did the girlfriend not trust her quarterback boyfriend?

She heard he was a QB sneak.

Football Jokes 2021

12- What do you call a wide receiver who is great at Yodeling?

Yodel Beckham JR.

Football Jokes 2021

13- What was the defensive coordinator’s favorite dessert?

Apple turnovers.

Football Jokes 2021

14- Who is the spiciest defensive player in the NFL?

Julius peppers.

Football Jokes 2021

As of 2023, football dad jokes continue to be a beloved form of humor for sports enthusiasts and parents alike. These puns and one-liners have stood the test of time, proving that humor truly knows no bounds, and can even be found in the most unexpected places.

Football dad jokes are a way to bring people together, to lighten the mood, and to share in the joy and excitement of the game. They provide a moment of levity in a high-stress situation, allowing us to take a step back and appreciate the lighter side of life.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, there’s no denying that football dad jokes have a special place in our hearts. So the next time you’re watching the big game or cheering on your favorite team, don’t be afraid to share a football dad joke or two with your friends and family – after all, laughter is the best medicine, and these jokes are sure to score a touchdown with anyone who hears them.